I believe design is for making enriched functional experiences tailored for our unique humanness. My design focuses on creating tangible solutions for abstract problems, balancing the needs and desires of the people with the goals and logistics of your organization.


If you are looking for a UX designer who can help you see your vision through by targeting the core needs of users and identifying ones you might not even know exist, I am your guy. I aim for impact and thrive with collaboration. 

I have worked in a wide range of industries including government, politics, media production, marketing, and content strategy to name a few. This swath of experience helps inform my design choices to find the right answers for the right sollutions.

Please feel free to reach out to me about any user experience, research, product, interaction, or other design roles you might need help with.


I can't wait to make something with you.

  • Worked to develop social brand launch resulting in an uplift of 0 to 14k Twitch followers in one year.

  • Created content strategy resulting in a 20k to 53k Youtube followers uplift in a 6 months period

  • Led in-house marketing strategy, for product launched into the Korean market. Resulted in 7,000+ new users in the first 3 days

  • Worked on rebranding marketing efforts for a company with 5.1 million monthly active users

  • Coordinated and organized for congressional election campaign in 2011

  • Served and represented citizens of California’s 11th Congressional District of the U.S. under Congressman Jerry Mcnerney


UX design, UI design, Design research, Photography,  Brand Development, Identity design, Typography, Content strategy, Social Media Strategy, SEO, Studio Systems, prototyping