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OVERVIEW was a startup created by recruiters Rob Cancilla and Brett Rogers. Rather than relying on text-based resumes, they created a platform where users could upload videos of themselves to give potential employees better and more personal insight into candidates. They had built a small user base with college students after testing the concept at several campuses and were looking to expand their idea.

The founders reached out to our team to help develop the next stages for the company. They wanted to build a monetization system and expand into the one-way interviewing (OWI) industry, pushing beyond the video resumes for jobseekers to a full platform for recruiting companies. We were tasked with building this vision and laying out a scalable foundation with an emphasis on innovation to help it stand out on the market. The goal was to build a product design roadmap that the founders could use to help secure buy-in from investors. 


November - December 2019
2 month sprint


UX Research
Data Analysis
Concept Design


Limited Data


3 person team
Evan Cowell (Product Designer)

Brooke Matthews (Product Designer)

Mehz Kharodawala (Product Designer)

Vibio Data


We were the first UX designers to work with the founders on Because of their bootstrapped team and budget, they had very little research to start from. To inform our designs, we:

  • Conducted market research and interviews with job recruiters, employers, and job seekers who had participated in OWIs

  • Created a competitive analysis between the products of the industry leaders in OWI

This helped us establish expectations of a OWI product and clearly identify trends in hiring practices.

The feedback we received was mixed and indicated the platform’s largest hurdles to overcome would be getting the product to feel approachable and adaptable for both job seekers and employers.


  • Jobseekers felt uncomfortable recording themselves

  • Recruiters/employers did not see the value in using OWI despite reports of a 25% failure rate

After mapping out these trends it became clear building a friendly digital "handshake" between the two parties was essential for market viability.

Vibio_Workflow (2).png


I focused on designing tools to help employers to more effectively and efficiently evaluate candidates. Part of that was taking advantage of the benefits of the digital space: more hands on and modular segments, comment tagging, whiteboarding and more. Getting people to adopt a new unproven platform meant that we needed to go above and beyond competitors’ offerings.

We worked on building a more approachable and friendly brand for the platform that had ease of use at the forefront. We took social-media-like features and integrated them into the platform’s concept. By offering familiar feature sets re-contextualized as tools, we hoped to create a less intimidating environment for job seekers and employers.



During the interviews recruiters and employers indicated they had different needs based on their objectives and company size:


  • Recruiters needed quick ways to find qualified candidates based on company requirements

  • Employers needed help better facilitating meaningful evaluations to filter candidates

To address these issues we proposed a multi-tiered modular subscription service allowing for groups to pick out additional OWI functions as needed. This monetizations system opened the door for smaller companies to participate on the platform. We hoped the wider market appeal would help facilitate adoption as there was less risk for companies looking into OWI services.



Working directly with the founders on their start-up’s vision was a positive experience that allowed us to see the immediate impact of our design and product thinking. The direct communication offered a lot of mobility in the design process and we were able to see their ideas realized in a more tangible form in a short amount of time.

We presented our designs in late 2019 at the end of our design sprint. A lot of our attention went into the recruiter and employer side of the project but more development was needed to support onboarding job seekers to the platform. While I felt more time in this area would be beneficial, our design progress was enough to enable to seek new investor support.

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